English Setters of Flanagan Springs Kennel in Winchester, KY
Bred for Hunting & Companionship
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Retired Dogs
DeCoverly's Bold Belle
DeCoverly's Beau John
Bybee's Millie Vinnilli
F S Toska
F S Lexi Emerson
F S Katie Too
F S K Rosemary
F S K Ruby
F S K Kiwi
CH Trendsetrs Magical Moment
F S K Kobe
F S K Heidi
F S K Gretel
Flanagan Springs Ziggy Stardust
Flanagan Springs Ozzie
Round River Remington
Flanagan Springs Kit Carson
DeCoverly's Bold Belle Belle was our first setter and she is pictured above.  She is the foundation for the breeding program here.  She is a beautiful , intelligent , well mannered dog.  We only bred her one time in May of 2005.  From that litter we kept several pups to continue breeding.  Belle passed down all of her wonderful qualities to her offspring.  We will always have a bit of her in her progency.  So often you can see her in her "granddogs".  She always carried herself with such grace and elegance in the field and we hope all her offspring carry those qualities.  She is a very natural dog, proficient on five upland game species and is a natural retriever, always extremely bidable, and wanting to please. 

Belle has earned her retirement and will not be bred any longer.
                                                Sire:        Fieldplay's Mallwyd Return    
Sire:    Decoverly's Bold Satan
                                                Dam:      DeCoverly's Camp Rose

                                                Sire:        DeCoverly's Red Dragon
Dam:   DeCoverly's Easy Amber
                                                 Dam:      Rimrock Brandy Royal
DeCoverly's Beau John DeCoverly's Beau John (OFA - EXCELLENT) - Beau was a big beautiful tri-color with a good bird sense.  Beau has excellent hips and stays very close when in the field.  He is a strong graceful dog, very biddable.  His sire DeCoverly's Border John, goes back to DeCoverly's Morse John and DeCoverly's Lady Eire.  His dam, DeCoverly's Lady Austin, goes back to DeCoverly's Tri Pepper and DeCoverly's Melissa.  Beau has made his stamp on future generations.  Take a look at his son Conner, who himself is now stamping those lines on future generations.

Bybee's Millie Vinnilli Millie was a blue belton, really incredible in the field.  She will continue to live on thru her progency.
                                                    Sire:        Pinecoble's Fall Pride
                Sire:     Timbers Ryman Mac
                                                     Dam:     Timbers Creme Caramel
                                                     Sire:       October Mountain Cedar
                  Dam:   October Sassy Sophie
                                                      Dam:     October Amber
F S Toska

F S Toska - Toska was our heart dog!!  (OFA - GOOD) Special to everyone that ever met him, hunted with him, experienced the joy of just being around this big gentle, kind hearted dog.  This was an absolutely incredible bird dog and the huge heart within this dog was ever present.  He was a natural retriever and rock solid on birds.  The standard that all our dogs will be forever measured against.  We will enjoy seeing his personality and instincts come alive in his offspring.....  Toska was proven on five species of upland game birds, he will be forever missed. 

F S Lexi Emerson

Lexi was one of the girls we kept from Belle's litter.  She is a nice orange belton that is a wonderful family dog.  She has proven herself in the field but has lived with one of our daughters so has spent most of her time as a companion.  We had one litter from her and then she was spayed.
                                                Sire:        Pinecoble High Trail
             Sire:               Pinecoble Bybee Ben
                                                 Dam:      Pinecoble Feather

                                                 Sire:        DeCoverly's Bold Satan
              Dam:            DeCoverly's Bold Belle
                                                  Dam:      DeCoverly's Easy Amber

F S Katie Too Katie was also one of Belle's girls.  She was one of our favorites that left us much too early.  She was a wonderful hunter, went with Brock on every hunting trip.  She was a big square orange belton.  She loved hunting, family and being a mom.  Several of our girls have Katie in their line so we will continue to see her in those babies for many generations.   

                                                Sire:        Pinecoble High Trail
             Sire:               Pinecoble Bybee Ben
                                                 Dam:      Pinecoble Feather

                                                 Sire:        DeCoverly's Bold Satan
              Dam:            DeCoverly's Bold Belle
                                                  Dam:      DeCoverly's Easy Amber

F S K Rosemary Rosie (OFA - GOOD) Is a big, bold tri-color female.  She is very intense, slow working, going side to side and a joy to hunt with.   She is retired from the breeding program but still enjoys time in the field.

    Sire - DeCoverly's Beau John

    Dam - F S Katie Too
F S K Ruby F S K Ruby - Ruby (OFA - GOOD) is a nice orange roan.  Very elegant and athletic and has quite the nose and desire to be on the birds.  Ruby  is retired and spade she gets to make the hunting trips.  She is living the life!!  She was out of Beau and Lexi.
F S K Kiwi Kiwi was a nice orange belton.  (OFA - GOOD)  She was a nice birdy dog.  (2008-2011)

 Sire - DeCoverly's Beau John

 Dam - Bybee's Millie Vinnilli
CH Trendsetrs Magical Moment CH Trendsetrs Magical Moment - Emma (OFA - GOOD) was the first bench setter we brought in.  We searched far and wide for a very birdy bench setter.  Emma was our answer, she has dual champions in all 4 quarters of her pedigree.  Her sire was also BEST IN BREED at the English Setter Nationals in 2009.  Her sole breeding to a ryman was to Toska and we have some incredible offspring from that mating.
F S K Kobe F S K Kobe - Kobe is a nice big blue belton.  Lots of substance and very birdy.  She was out of Conner and Millie.
F S K Heidi F S K Heidi (OFA - GOOD) is a nice tri-color.  She is a wonderfully affetionate, playful girl.  She s always on the hunt, whether it be birds or butterflies. 
      Sire - Pinecoble Raised the Flag (Pinecoble Blake / Pincoble Cherry)

       Dam - F S K Rosemary (DeCoverly's Beau John / F S Katie Too)
F  S K Gretel Gretel is a wonderful, affectionate dog.  She has been a delight.  Gretel is dual registered with the AKC and the FDSB.  Gretel is a Certified Canine Good Citizen and was a registered Therapy Dog.  She has spent many hours cheering up people in nursing homes. (OFA - F'air)

       Sire - Pinecoble Raised the Flag (Pinecoble Blake / Pinecoble Cherry)

       Dam - F S K Rosemary (DeCoverly's Beau John / F S Katie Too)
Flanagan Springs Ziggy Stardust Flanagan Springs Ziggy Stardust - Ziggy (OFA - Fair) is one of the girls from the breeding of Emma and Toska.  She is full of life and has a head for birds. 
Flanagan Springs Ozzie Ozzie is out of the Emma and Toska breeding.  He was wonderful in the field, but his true calling was as a  companion to a special needs child.  He could have no greater calling. 
Round River Remington Round River Remington (OFA - GOOD).  Remmy is a beautiful tri color.  Wonderful bird sense.
Flanagan Springs Kit Carson Flanagan Springs Kit Carson - Wonderful large orange belton.
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