English Setters of Flanagan Springs Kennel in Winchester, KY
Bred for Hunting & Companionship
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Our dogs are all registered thru the Field Dog Stud Book Registry.  Upon picking up your pup you will receive the Application for Registration containing the Certicate completed by us as the owner of the dam.  It is your responsiblity to register your pup.  Our dogs are eligible for registration with the AKC with a pedigree which you can obtain from the Field Dog Stud Registry.  Please check with the AKC about the specific information you will need.

Health Guarantee:

The purchaser has five days from time of receipt to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian.  This will allow the new owner time to have his veterinarian examine the pup for a clean bill of health.  Should the licensed vet find the puppy unfit for purchase due to health, congenital or hereditary disorder only, within time period, the breeder will exchange the puppy.  (This excludes any injury the pup may incur while under the new ownership.)  Return of the pup will be worked out in the event it must be returned.  A note from the vet must be provided explaining any medical problems.

HIP Guarantee:

Your pup is guaranteed to be free of hip dysplasia to an age of 26 months.  For the guarantee to be honored:

                     - The dog must be owned by the original owner.
                     - The dog must not have sired or whelped a litter.

  If your dog is suspected of being dysplasic, the following must be done:

                     - Notify breeder by phone or letter
                     - Have your veterinarian submit your dog's x-ray to the Orthopedic Foundation     
                       for Animals (OFA) for their evaluation.
                     - Send breeder a copy of the OFA report along with a letter from buyer's vet to breeder or 
                       breeders vet
                     If hip dysplasia is suspected to be caused by environmental or nutrition no guarantee shall 
                     apply to the hips.

If the dog is found to be dysplasic:
                     - The dog may be returned to breeder and the ownership signed back to us.  We  
                       will replace the pup out of our next litter.               

                    -If you wish to keep the dog:  The dog must be sterilized in a manner preferred by your 
                     vet and a letter from the vet stating that the dag has been sterilized provided to us.
                    - We will refund half your purchase price.


All of our puppies will be chipped.  It is your responsiblity to register the chips, the cost is right under $20 and will be good for the pups lifetime.  We made the initial investment in the chips.  The company will replace the chips one for one as the pups are registered, so we will require that the registration be done before you go home with the pup.  This will insure that we can continue to chip all our pups.  Nice to know that there is a vehicle to help the pup get reunited with their family if they are seperated. 


A deposit of $100 is required to reserve a puppy.  Your choice of puppy will be determined by the order in which we receive deposits.  The balance of the purchase price is due when the puppy is picked up.  Please check with us for payment alternatives.

Sales Tax:

We are required by the state of Kentucky to charge 6% sales tax on the selling price of the puppy. 


Boonesboro Animal Clinic located at 1500 Boonesboro Road in Winchester, KY  takes care of all of our veterinary needs.  They can be contacted at 859-745-1173.