English Setters of Flanagan Springs Kennel in Winchester, KY
Bred for Hunting & Companionship
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We appreciate all the families and individuals who have given our pups wonderful homes.  It is our hope that these pups become first and foremost wonderful additions to your family as they have so much affection to share.  We are taking special care to breed dogs who have wonderful hunting instincts, good conformation and a great disposition. We feel that dogs who are put together structurally well will be more natural and elegant as they move in the field, and are really beautiful to look at.  Here are some references we have received from puppies parents - we love hearing about your pups and of course sharing your feelings about these dogs with others.  I think this line of English Setters is a well kept secret.

  • Danny in AL - I have been raising and training English Setters since 1988, using setters from PineCoble, Alder Run and Twombly lines.  I found Flanagan Springs Kennel in 2010.  Their dogs are not only beautiful, they are also very birdy, very intelligent, very affectionate, they always hunt with a high head, they always know where you are at - some days I don't even have to use my whistle.  I have purchased two dogs from F S K, and they are as good as any I have ever seen.  I know other breeders that sell similiar type setter for twice the price and more.  They cannot compare with the dogs from F S K.  I think the best part of getting a pup from F S K though is that Brock and Susan make you feel like you are a close friend and not just another customrer.  I have met other breeders that came off as they were - Gods gift to English Setters, not F S K, they are truly warm and genuine people and once you get a pup from them you are a friend for life. 
  • Jessica in WV - We have had Tucker for almost 2 weeks.  Happy to say he is house broke, super smart & great with my small children.  I was very impressed with Flanagan Springs Kennel in every aspect of the process.  I highly recommend purchasing a dog from them!!!
  • Brandon in NC - Flanagan Springs Kennel is exactly what I was looking for when searching for a breeder.  I wanted to find a family owned operation that put lots of love and care into breeding the right qualities, and focused on one breed.  My puppy is only 12 weeks now, but shows immense potential for being a great hunting dog.  More important is the temperament, which is calm and cool.  this is the sign of a truly well bred dog.  Susan and Brock are truly great people and I feel privileged to have found them. 
  • Kathy in KY - I have recently purchased a Ryman/Hemlock English Setter puppy from Flanagan Springs Kennel. I am confident that “Trooper” is going to be an excellent hunting dog and loyal companion for myself and my son. She is only four months old, and she has learned to take a few commands with little coaching. Her nose is always to the ground. She will be professionally trained. I was very impressed with the owners of Flanagan Springs Kennel’s background and their experience in breeding English Setters. They cooperated with me throughout the process. Upon entering their compound, I found the grounds very well maintained, and proper fencing surrounding the areas which allow the dogs to exercise freely. All of their older dogs, and the pups, are in clean kennels. Their advice was right on target. I recommend them highly, and should I decide to purchase another pup, I will look no further than Flanagan Springs Kennel. Give them a call, and better yet, pay them a visit. You will be very impressed.
  • Mark in MI - The puppy we picked up at FSK is a natural retriever.  She has a natural pick up and carry as I have seen in labrador puppies.
  • Alyssa In MI - Working at a vet clinic we see all kinds of dog breeders, and you have restored our faith in conscientious breeders.  Taddy is amazing and we spread you name around like wildfire along with your amazing puppy exposure activities.

More to follow :  I appreciate what each and everyone has said thanking us for the puppies.  This is just a few but I will post more as I get a chance to go thru my e-mails again.