English Setters of Flanagan Springs Kennel in Winchester, KY
Bred for Hunting & Companionship
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Pinecoble Raised the Flag
F S K Conner
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Flanagan Springs Doc Brock
Pincoble Raised the Flag - (OFA - GOOD) Flag has been with us since he was a pup.  He is a blue belton of about 70 pounds.  In the field he has strong hunting abilities, he is not a self hunter - it is a partnership with the hunter when in the field.  He is extremely affectionate and has won a place in our hearts.  Flag is from the last litter bred by Warren and the Pinecoble Kennel. 

                                              Sire - Aspenglow's Charlie
                           Sire -  Sundog's Ta Alder
                                                Dam - Mac's Little Dusty
         Sire - Pinecoble Blake                                                                                                               
                                                                           Sire - Incredible Luck
                                                  Sire - Pinecoble Roam     
                                                                             Dam - Steinlove Heather  Rene                                               
                               Dam - Pinecoble Feather
                                                                              Sire - Pinecoble Case
                                                    Dam - Pinecoble Lacy
                                                                                Dam - Pinecoble Abby     

                                                     Sire - Pinecoble Talus
                                Sire - Pinecoble Shane
                                                       Dam - Pinecoble Haley
        Dam - Pinecoble Cherry
                                                         Sire - Stonerun's Quicksilver
                                  Dam - Pinecoble Cascade
                                                          Dam - Incredible Luck's Spice
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