English Setters of Flanagan Springs Kennel in Winchester, KY
Bred for Hunting & Companionship
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Male Dogs
Pinecoble Raised the Flag
F S K Conner
CH Set'r Ridges Frappucino of Wind Dancer
Flanagan Springs Doc Brock
Pinecoble Raised the Flag Pincoble Raised the Flag - (OFA - GOOD) Flag has been with us since he was a pup.  He is a blue belton of about 70 pounds.  In the field he has strong hunting abilities, he is not a self hunter - it is a partnership with the hunter when in the field.  He is extremely affectionate and has won a place in our hearts.  Flag is from the last litter bred by Warren and the Pinecoble Kennel. 

                                              Sire - Aspenglow's Charlie
                           Sire -  Sundog's Ta Alder
                                                Dam - Mac's Little Dusty
         Sire - Pinecoble Blake                                                                                                               
                                                                           Sire - Incredible Luck
                                                  Sire - Pinecoble Roam     
                                                                             Dam - Steinlove Heather  Rene                                               
                               Dam - Pinecoble Feather
                                                                              Sire - Pinecoble Case
                                                    Dam - Pinecoble Lacy
                                                                                Dam - Pinecoble Abby     

                                                     Sire - Pinecoble Talus
                                Sire - Pinecoble Shane
                                                       Dam - Pinecoble Haley
        Dam - Pinecoble Cherry
                                                         Sire - Stonerun's Quicksilver
                                  Dam - Pinecoble Cascade
                                                          Dam - Incredible Luck's Spice
F S K Conner

Conner (OFA - GOOD) is a big loveable tri-color of about 80 pounds.  He was bred here at the kennel.  Conner is very birdy and a very slow deliberate worker.
                                        Sire - DeCoverly's Beau John

                                                                       Pinecoble Bybee Ben
                                        Dam - F S Lexi Emerson
                                                                       DeCoverly's Bold Belle

CH Set'r Ridges Frappucino of Wind Dancer

CH Set'r Ridge's Frapuccino of Wind Dancer - Brandon - OFA-GOODThis big orange belton is our IMPACT dog.  Brandon is the grandson of the Great Hadji, Dual CH Set'r Ridge's Solid Gold CDX MH, one of only 12 dual champions in the history of the English Setter. (A champion in the field and the ring, with a Master Hunter to boot). Brandon himself has racked up impressive wins in the show ring from Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Award of Merit, Best Puppy in Show to making the cut at the English Setter Nationals all before the age of two.  This is our impact dog.  We have brought in an exceptional dog that excels conformationally who also has the bird sense we are working to perpetuate.


Flanagan Springs Doc Brock Flanagan Springs Doc Brock - Doc (OFA) is dual registered with both the FDSB and the AKC.  This was a breeding of Toska and Emma that turned out some exceptional pups.  Everything we were looking for.  Gorgeous dogs with wonderful personality and bird sense.  Thru Emma Doc has several Dual Champions in his lineage, and his dad, Toska, is one of the finest bird dogs you will find. 

      Sire:    F S Toska

      Dam:   CH Trendset'rs Magical Moment
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